Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some vehicles are built on other planets.

So, this past Thursday we decided, at great risk of being disowned by my brother (sorry Curtis), to purchase a 2004 Ford Freestar from CarMax.  The reason for this purchase was because of our growing family.  You see, we have a little girl that will be joining us some time in July.  Coincidentally, she her official due date is on the same date as said brother's birthday.

I must say, that either there are some issues with the clock on the dashboard/radio, or the vehicle was built on some other planet and shipped here afterward.  On the way home that night I looked at the clock and noticed it said 11:11.  I couldn't believe it was already that late, considering we had been there since just before 7.  I had my wife check the time and then she proceeded to try to reset the time.  She discovered, to both of our confusion and bewilderment, that the clock was working off of 90 minute hours.  Which means that it is not all that uncommon to look down and see the time as 8:75 or 6:67.

So, I guess our next task, concerning our newly purchased vehicle is to figure out if there is any way to fix this, or if we are stuck with the only vehicle known to man that can give you the accurate time on Mars.

I wonder if we can pick up radio stations from the moon?


  1. We saw your blog and wanted to let you know that you can feel free to take it back into the store to have our service department take a look. If they haven't seen this before, they can also call into the manufacturer. We certainly want the new baby and her big brother to learn time the Earth way and not the Mars way ;-)

    Also, always feel free to call Customer Service at 800-519-1511 if you need any additional help.

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks, we already have an appointment set for Thursday to have something installed and have a few other things checked out. We will be sure to add this to the list.