Friday, April 16, 2010

The Tea Party is either a Revolutionary Movement or a Historical Flash in the Pan

Recently, the Tea Party movement groups staged protests and rallies all across the United States in relation to tax day.  It appears that other than the name, many of these groups have very little in common as to the causes they are for or against, other than the opinion that we, as a country, are taxed too much.

This seems to be the very reason that many, in both of the major political parties, do not take the Tea Party movement very seriously.  Other than the ability to coordinate protests and rallies on major issues like taxes or health care reform, there is no real cohesiveness among these groups.

As mentioned previously I think this country is ripe for a new major political party to emerge to challenge the inconsistencies, incompetence, and outright lying demonstrated by both the Democrats and the Republicans.  It is clear that the country as a whole has lost confidence in both parties.  But is the contempt strong enough to create a solid third party?  Is the Tea Party movement that party?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Wife is Bullet Proof!

Well, more likely she is "bullet resistant" to a certain degree.

This past weekend we went down to San Diego to visit her brother's family.  We got down there in the mid-afternoon and Friday.  They already had plans for dinner so we took our boys down Belmont Park to the WaveHouse for dinner.  It was pretty cool, they have a wave machine type thing that you can see from pretty much anywhere in this outdoor restaurant.  People are able to ride surf boards on this machine generated wave.

Anyway, we came back after dinner and got the boys tucked in, since they were rather tired.  Then we went out to the living room to hang out with my wife's brother and his wife.  We all were up til about 11 when me and my brother-in-law decided we were too tired to talk, or even listen for that matter, and decided to call it a night.

So, we left my wife and her sister-in-law to talk the evening away.

Now it is important to point out that their living room is on the back of their house and they have a closed in patio off the back of that.  Also, the I-8 freeway is almost literally in their backyard.  You can see it from their house.  The only barriers between the end of their lot and the freeway itself is a chain-link fence and a big concrete drainage ditch.

Well, at about quarter to 1 in the morning my wife and her sister-in-law decide to call it an evening, since our kids would be getting up in a few hours and they should probably get some rest.

As they are standing up they both hear glass shatter, or more likely pop.  My wife's sister-in-law feels this sort of shower of glass particles hit her all over her back, and my wife feels something bounce off of her leg.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

This Year's Masters Tournament Has Historical Potential

This week down in Augusta, Georgia the 2010 run of the Masters Tournament will be played.  And with Tiger Woods coming of the biggest scandal of his life, and plenty of other up and coming golfers, this is shaping up to be quite a competitive and entertaining event

I am sure many people will tune in just to see if Tiger will be able to handle himself playing in his first major tournament since his sex scandal broke last November.  There has been plenty of speculation surrounding this as he had stated previously that he may not return to golf for the 2010 season.  Of course if his comeback after his major knee surgery was anything to go by, you can't really believe anything he says.  His actions have always spoken louder than his words, and in many cases have contradicted his words.

Whether your rooting for him, or against him, this weekend has historical potential.  We could have Tiger mount his greatest comeback ever, or we could have one of the new comers, like Anthony Kim, run away with it while everyone is watching Tiger self-destruct in the final rounds.

Regardless of what happens, this years Masters Tournament will be memorable.