Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Pickin's are Slim.

For a while now I have been watching the increasingly heated race among the Republicans who are vying for their party's nomination to represent them in the upcoming Presidential race.  This, at times has been either enhanced, or overshadowed, by the current economic crisis.  Of course the most recent development on that front is the somewhat bipartisan passing of the debt bill.  Which, received a not so glorious reception from the public.  This also came on the heels of a recent announcement by "The Donald" that he would seriously consider running for President prior to June of 2012 if, by that time, the Republicans did not pick someone he felt would not only beat Obama, but also be able to lead this country in the right direction, and if the economy was still in the crapper.

Here is the interview where he discusses this with Hannity from Fox News:

One could possibly argue, and of course Trump would definitely consider this as well, that this revelation is what was the catalyst that forced Congress to finally pass the debt bill thinking this will turn the economy around and prevent the likelihood of Trump running for President.  However, with the recent aftermath of the S&P downgrading the country's credit rating and stocks taking a tumble, this really hasn't worked, so far, the way they expected.

With this and the considerations of who is currently vying for the Republican nomination I do not see any clear front runner that I would willingly vote for.  We are still being forced to choose from the lesser of the available evils.  There is no-one that stands out as a clear choice.  This is why I think it may be time to explore another option.  If, by the time the next Presidential Election comes around, we do not see someone we can enthusiastically get behind that will turn this country around and send it in the right direction, we should seriously consider voting for None Of The Above.

Of course I may be a bit naive in making this statement, but it will only take some perusing of the constitution and election law to discover what this would truly mean.  So, I am making the suggestion that if you enter the voting box in November of 2012 and you do not see anyone on that ballot that you would enthusiastically support for President, then vote for None Of The Above and see what happens.  We just might send the clearest message yet to our politicians that we will no longer be ready to settle on the least of the available evils.

Who's with me?

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