Monday, February 15, 2016

It is The Donald's Game.

And he is playing it very well, quite frankly.

The latest in the race for the Republican nomination is seeing quite the strategic move from Donald Trump in regard to his attack on Ted Cruz.  Ted Cruz has been attacking trump about his many flip-flops and inconsistencies in his rhetoric.  Trump is hitting back that what Cruz is saying is lies (even though Cruz is using unedited clips of Trump doing exactly what Cruz is asserting).

This, in my humble opinion, is a very well calculated ploy by Trump to either get the nomination by eliminating Cruz, or completely discrediting the RNC (Republican National Committee) and will cite that due to the lack of loyalty they are showing he will run as an independent, and he will look like a hero in doing so.

Quite honestly this is just another reason we need to get rid of the two party system, and just have a general election without nominees by these parties.  The current system is antiquated and rigged to the point that we the voter really has no direct say as to who is elected to the white house.

Consider what happened with the Democratic primary in New Hampshire, which is very much akin to what happened on the Republican side during the last election between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.  Even the DNC chair admitted they use "Superdelegates" to prevent grass roots candidates from gaining too much of a foothold, which completely flies in the face of the purpose of this kind of election.

The establishments agenda will be pushed at all cost, and unless we see a significant change happen this will go on for years into the future.  No real representation of the people, and everything being decided by a select few.

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