Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yes, I may be a nerd, but this is really Cool.

Is it just me or has Dyson just invented the repulsorlift? What is a repulsorlift you say? Why it is the Star Wars Universes answer to an antigravity system. Basically it is a device that is attached to the underside of some sort of vehicle that creates a force-field, or cushion of air, that the vehicle sits on. Anyone who has read any of the Star Wars novels knows what this is.

Dyson, the maker of the first vacuum that does not lose suction, has created a fan that uses no blades. Here is a shot of one of the units:

Basically, this thing creates a column of air. No I have no idea how it works, but it does.

In my opinion, if the aircraft industry, and even those who have been trying to develop a flying car, get a hold of this technology it will revolutionize the industry.

I have been following the development of the Moller Skycar. Which has basically hit a wall due to development funds and the mixed reaction from the general public. One of the concerns that have been raised is how will the design handle the possibility of birds flying into the rotors. Well with this new technology that concern will go the way of the dodo, since there are no moving parts.

There are plenty of other roadblocks, which includes providing insurance for these vehicles, but I feel that this will be quickly remedied once the public gets more on board with these vehicles when they discover how convenient these units will be.

Really, who would not want to fly over the traffic than sit in it. This would cut commuting time considerably and create a great view on the way.

I predict this will turn the airplane industry on its head.


  1. As to your prediction...unfortunately, the Dyson isn't going to revolutionize anything, except maybe the looks of fans. It doesn't magically move air through the ring. There's actually a suction point at the base, and the foil (the ring) has exit points where the air is propelled out. So, no flying Dyson fan cars anytime soon.

    But it sure does look cool!

  2. Hey there anonymous, thanks for the comment. I have to admit I did not know the complete details on how it works, but it you have to admit that this new technology could have those in the hovering vehicle world taking a serious look at it.

  3. Perhaps. But I think it's mostly a design gimmick.

    The shape, however, does deliver a smoother flow of air than a traditional fan with spinning blades pushing air, so perhaps there's something there. I'd hate to interfere with those who can be visionary with this stuff.