Friday, November 20, 2009

ObamaCare is a Political Ticking Time-Bomb

Having watched the drama unfold surrounding the upcoming vote on the Health-Care overhaul bill it is hard not to come to the following conclusion: Obama Care is a ticking time-bomb that is waiting to destroy the political careers of dozens of Representatives and Senators.

From shouting matches in town-hall meetings to outbursts during congressional assemblies it is clear that this country as a whole does not want the type of over-haul to the Health-Care system that the proposed bill will do. Coupled with this and the blind devotion that many Democratic Congressmen have toward our "fearless leader" we may be heading toward the biggest shake-up in our nation's government in history.

It is clear that many people throughout this country strongly oppose the proposed bill. This, if it is passed, will take years to implement. In the meantime many of the Representatives and Senators who voted in favor of it will suddenly see their seats go to their rival parties. At which time they draft additional bills to drastically change the one they approved, or completely dismantle it.

There is one thing that is markedly interesting though. Where are the opposing bills drafted by members of the other major party? If the republicans are so vehemently against the proposed bill, why are they not coming up with their own bills to be considered before Congress?

One can imagine, however, that many Republicans would rather allow the Health-Care system to work itself out. Which could be done, yet may take even longer due to the mindsets of the current Health-Care providers and the fact that it is extremely difficult for new companies to enter the marketplace.

The current Health-Care Insurance industry is probably the closest one can get to a state of complete imperfect competition. There are relatively few players, it is nigh impossible to enter the market, and the general public has so little understanding of the services that are offered by the different providers.

It is easy to see how the government feels that they are the only ones that can impose such a sweeping reform policy on this industry, yet they are unable to come up with one the majority of the population can agree on. Sure we have Medicare, but with the rampant fraud going on with it there is no wonder it is losing money. And the fact that it is run by the government.

We need to take a look around and see how other countries have approached this issue and take a cue from their examples, instead of trying to "reinvent the wheel." There are enough talented people in this country that are able to get this done; we just need to tap into them. And the current majority in our government apparently does not include any of these people.

Maybe the passing of this bill is just what this country needs to force out the "old guard" and allow new blood into the hallowed halls of our government. Though, let's hope that it doesn't take another twenty years to come up with a solution, shall we.

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