Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We are on the cusp of the greatest upheaval in our country since the Civil War.

With the passing, and signing into law, of the biggest health care overhaul in our nations history we have embarked on probably the biggest upheaval that this nation has gone through since the Civil War, which is certainly beyond the scale of anything anyone alive has experienced since the Second World War.  This overshadows events such as Watergate, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Clinton Scandal, hands down.

The first returning volley of political or legal action has been the filing of suit against the federal government by over a dozen of states' Attorneys General.  And one might assume that these were all republican AGs, but it appears that there are democrats joining this fight as well.  The suit that has been filed asserts that forcing citizens of the united states to have health care is unconstitutional.

There is also quite a bit of backlash as to how this bill was passed.  From rumors of strong arm tactics to bribery the democrats have managed to secure the requisite number of votes needed to pass this legislation through the House of Representatives.

The next major battle will be coming this November with the mid-term elections.  Many political careers are on the line and it is expected that many democrats will be losing their seats to their republican rivals.  If this happens, which is very likely, the republicans may gain enough power in both the House and the Senate to be able to repeal this new legislation before the democrats have enough time to get any significant portion of it off the ground.

Of course this will not prevent the democrats from spending insane amounts of time and taxpayer money to push forward their agendas before the republicans have the power to prevent any of them.  This will create an even bigger rift in both of the major parties and the fallout will be citizens of this country becoming even more fed up with our government we will be rife for a new major political party to emerge that could conceivably promote itself as the savior of our nation.

We are certainly living in an historic time and depending on how the citizens of this country react and handle themselves throughout this debacle will determine what kind of legacy we leave for our kids.  Forget Climate Change or wars with countries we do not share borders with.  There are much more pressing issues that need to be addressed than the "perceived" threats.  This country is a shadow of its former self.  Quite literally we are losing control of our own destiny.  With foreign powers owning the debt that our government seems to think they are justified in increasing exponentially every year, and wanting to adopt model laws being pushed by the UN that fly in the face of what this country was founded on.  We will soon painfully see that what we thought was the greatest, wealthiest, and most powerful country in the world is in fact nothing but a facade.

Unless something drastic changes with how this country is run we are headed for more than just a "Great Depression," we are headed for a colossal collapse that we may never recover from.  One need only look at history to see a glimpse of what this country is headed for.

This fall will be the first opportunity for many people to really make their voice heard.  I predict the turnouts at the polls will be nothing less than historic, and I put the call out to every follow citizen to scrutinize every candidate up for election this year.  Do not "just check a box."  Truly do your due diligence and make sure that you are voting for the person you feel will actually help steer this country back in the right direction.

Our kids deserve it.


  1. This is all opinion and no facts. What a waste of a read...

  2. Who cares what some "random guy" says? You have great insight, Arlyn!