Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Never Answer the Phone if the Number is "Unavailable"

Or one that you don't recognize for that matter.

Today I was sitting at work and I get a call on my cell phone from an "unavailable" number.  Normally I ignore them, but something just made me curious.  So I decided to answer it, and was ultimately confirmed in my suspicion that I never should have bothered.

On the other end of the line was a telemarketer (I dislike these guys, greatly) for one of the big sweepstakes companies letting my know that I have been "entered into a drawing" and that "my changes are dependent on the total number of entries."

Go figure.

Anyway, this guy proceeds to tell me I have been entered into the sweepstakes, no purchase necessary, and that I will be receiving as a free gift, two magazine subscriptions and a some watch with a diamond in it (which is probably fake).  He continues to tell me that for my participation part of it I will received up to 40% off the cover price of two more magazines.

Now at this point I am preparing my standard "no thanks" and I am just waiting for this guy to take a breath so I can deliver it.  Well, the moment arrives, I say "I am not interested at this time," and while I am being talked over I hear the line go quiet.  I look at the phone and discover that the call had ended.

Ah, crap!

Since it the number was "unavailable" I now have no way to contact these people back, and of course the telemarketer never bothers to call me back.

Now one of two things will probably happen, of which I am hoping for the first scenario:

  1. The telemarketer will just drop everything and I won't receive anything. (crosses fingers)
  2. The telemarketer completes the "order" and I end up receiving some crappy watch, and up to 5 magazines that I didn't want or need.

I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Stay tuned!

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