Monday, July 13, 2009

Rider Camaraderie

About a year ago when gas prices had jettisoned past the $4 mark I decided to use our stimulus check to get a motor scooter so I could save money on my commute I had no idea I would be embarking on such an unexpected and interesting new experience.
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Prior to this new venture to save money I had sworn I would never ride any kind of motorcycle, much less a scooter. But, necessity succeeded in changing my mind where nothing else could.

After I took the rider course and put together my new scooter, I suddenly discovered how fun and relaxing it turned out to be. That is when I am not almost being run over by Fedex trucks, or nearly getting run off the road by some lady in an SUV.

And, to be honest, now that I have been riding for almost a year, I really want an actual motorcycle. Of course this will have to wait until I am able to pay off some credit card debt and put something aside for this.

Something else I discovered shortly after I started riding is an unexpected camaraderie amongst fellow riders, both on motorcycles and scooters. People I don't even know started giving me a brief wave or a quick nod while coming past on the other side of the street. It was like I suddenly joined some sort of club or fraternity of some sort.

Yes, I realize that I am being a bit naive, geeky and showing how much of a newbie I am, but this was cool! At first I would not reciprocate the greeting, other than a quick nod, due to my relative inexperience on the scooter, but once my confidence level grew I started responding in kind.

Now it is not all the time do you see a fellow rider extending a quick greeting, but it happens often enough from day to day.

So, long story short, if anyone has been leery of getting on a motorcycle or a scooter, it is not all that bad as long as you are safe. And you never know when you will see a fellow rider coming the other way saying "hey there".

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