Friday, April 16, 2010

The Tea Party is either a Revolutionary Movement or a Historical Flash in the Pan

Recently, the Tea Party movement groups staged protests and rallies all across the United States in relation to tax day.  It appears that other than the name, many of these groups have very little in common as to the causes they are for or against, other than the opinion that we, as a country, are taxed too much.

This seems to be the very reason that many, in both of the major political parties, do not take the Tea Party movement very seriously.  Other than the ability to coordinate protests and rallies on major issues like taxes or health care reform, there is no real cohesiveness among these groups.

As mentioned previously I think this country is ripe for a new major political party to emerge to challenge the inconsistencies, incompetence, and outright lying demonstrated by both the Democrats and the Republicans.  It is clear that the country as a whole has lost confidence in both parties.  But is the contempt strong enough to create a solid third party?  Is the Tea Party movement that party?

Well, right now there is not much likelihood of that happening any time soon.  Sure, this fall we may see a shift in power in Congress which will be the affect of the fallout from the recent passing of the health care bill.  Many in the Tea Party movement will probably vote Republican, as the majority of the people in this movement are conservatives, but will they be happy with their choices this fall.  And if they are not happy with their choices will they have the time and wherewithal to put up their own candidate for a serious bid at a Senate or State Representative seat?  It does not appear likely.

However, if you talk to someone in one of these groups they will say that they are not political, and that one of their strengths is that they have no overall focus.  But for any sort of major third party to challenge the two that have been going strong for over 150 years they are going to need some strong leadership and real focus.  Though, with one of the other common complaints that many people have in this country being tired of today's political games.

Really, what this country needs is a true Statesman in the spirit of John Adams, John Hancock, or even George Washington.  Someone who has the support of the people and the ability to influence those in congress to actually listen to the people and not try to force on the people what they think we "need."

This years mid-term elections should be quite interesting to see unfold.  But with the direction this country is headed will any change that comes after these elections be enough, or will it be too little too late?

I guess we shall see.


  1. You are correct that each of these micro movements within the movement have assorted points of view. But I think the cohesion is that people in the past who simply showed up to vote are now actively engaged in the process. and the shift will be drastic. Both parties will have to move to the right. Of course the TEA Party might fade in name..just like the Reform Party died away. and Ron Paul's, Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nadar have faded. The likely difference with this group is it doesn't have a single face. The press is trying to make it Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin..but it's none of them..yet. For this movement to coalesce around one personality will be it's death. The Movement is the TEA attitude...and we can collectively support those that cater to our Small Govt. attitude and the Libertarians and Conservative Republicans can have a power base. the Small Govt. Dem's and independents can share our core beliefs..and the arguments around big Govt. solutions will lose far into the future. Nice Blog I'll keep my eye on it. Cheers.

    LiberTEA Racine

  2. Thank you for the comment. It will be interesting to see if the Tea Party movement has more of a positive effect than a negative one this November.