Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You Can Run for President, Too

In an article today on Newsmax they reported there is a group that is making it possible for anyone to throw their hat into the ring and be nominated to become an actual candidate for the upcoming Presidential race.

In addition to the usual two parties that will, of course, be putting up their own candidates there is now the possibility for a third party to enter the fray, without needing to come up with millions of their own money to do it.  This is what the internet has finally afforded us.

In my previous post I identified that Donald Trump is still considering a run for the Presidency, which will most likely be announced prior to June of next year.  This new group will now afford us an additional option.

Of course, I still assert that if, by November 2012, we are still left without a clear choice for President among the available choices we should seriously consider voting for None of the Above.  This new group does make it a little less likely that we will need to take that kind of drastic measure to send a clear message to our resident politicians.

Things are definitely becoming more interesting, and as soon as I find a link to the website that will allow you to throw your hat in I will post it here.



Here is the link I was referring to.  Check this site out.  It is really interesting.  You can setup a profile and they will eventually be adding features that will allow members (free, by the way) to converse/debate about major issues prior to their convention, where they will be picking a candidate for President to run against Obama, and whoever the Republicans end up supporting.

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