Monday, August 22, 2011

A Movement is Hard to Start

Recently I had started a series of posts in regard to bringing awareness to a long overdue movement to bring more accountability to our political leaders.  I had referred to this movement as voting for None of the Above.  I decided to do a little searching online and stumbled across this website.  It appears that the makers of this website have a similar directive, including putting the call out to have an amendment drafted to the constitution that would put the option of None of the Above on every Federal Ballot.  As great as this sounds, what politician in their right mind would want to sponsor this?  I know this sounds like I may be contradicting myself in regard to this movement, however, it does seem impossible to even get a sponsorship for this type of amendment even if the right amount of signatures could be gathered on a petition supporting it.

Regardless of how impossible it may seem to actually have None of the Above as an official option on a Federal, much less State or local, ballot, there is a rather simple way to do it.  That is obviously the option to just write it in when you show up on election day and enter the booth to place your vote.

Quite honestly I hope it never comes to that, but with coming off the heels of the Iowa Straw Poll, where Michelle Bachman won a nice little victory for herself, it also became clear how little stock other politicians and the media put in this event.  Which of course begs the question: Why did they even bother having it when it literally has no bearing on who eventually becomes the nominee for the Republican party, much less an actual contender for the Presidency of the United States?  Though, I guess one positive came out of it.  It eliminated at least one potential candidate who did not have the stomach for some serious competition.

Then, of course, we see a late-comer to the race in Rick Perry, who describes himself as George Bush on steroids, which really wasn't the best way to launch an campaign by associating yourself with one of the most unpopular Presidents in recent history.

There is also the other option I mentioned in a previous post.  That being the site that allows anyone to setup a profile and eventually debate issues and ultimately will actually choose someone from the general populous to run against the two major parties' nominees.  And possibly Donald Trump, but that remains to be seen.

Let's spread the word, shall we?  And, get the awareness going about the option to vote for None of the Above, if there is no clear choice to lead our great country and get it headed in the right direction again.

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