Thursday, January 28, 2016

But Everybody has these Pipes!

Not sure how many of my reader(s) are following the Flint, Michigan water crisis, but they recently released a statement that many other cities have the same kind of lead pipes that their water system uses to deliver water to their constituents.  Because that is a valid excuse for falling down on the job of maintaining the city's infrastructure.  In this case, the piping system that delivers water to residential homes and commercial locations.

Here is a little bit a reality check for those city officials of Flint (who are all democrats, by the way); regardless of what the infrastructure of other cities are made of it is still your duty to maintain yours.  If you know the pipes in your city are aging, and they are made of a material that can be harmful to your residents, it is your responsibility to find a way to replace those pipes.  It is just common sense!

The only reason you should be looking at other cities that may have the same problem is to find out how they addressed and fixed the problem, not find their situation as some sort of excuse for yours.  Quite frankly if you had been on top of the problem you would not have had to declare a state of emergency.  It would have been a non-issue.

Stop sitting behind your taxpayer supplied desks whining about the state of your city and actually find a way to fix it!

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