Saturday, January 9, 2016

We need a business man, not a megalomaniac

With the presidential race heating up it may be unclear as to who we should throw our support behind, but one thing is for sure, we need to be extremely careful who we pick in regard to foreign policy and economics.

There is a certain candidate running who, for lack of a better description, is anything but ideal when it comes to these topics.  Sure, he may be a savvy businessman, but do we really want someone who may launch a war because someone insulted him.  I do agree that we should not get involved in another countries military or economic problems without a clear benefit to our country, but to throw out diplomacy for the sake of "getting what's ours" is extremely dangerous and will only end up causing other countries to hate us even more.

Not something we should be promoting, but should be working toward doing away with.

Quite honestly with how poorly we have handled things globally in the past few decades we should really start taking a step back and take a long hard look at what we should be doing.  That being embark on a period of moderated isolationism.  Meaning, we should refrain from getting involved in the problems of other countries until we have fixed the bigger issues facing our own.

For some reason our government seems to think we should be involved in everyone else's business while at the same time causing our own country's economy to be put under undue stress.  We should be bringing jobs back to our shores, instead of indirectly causing companies to move their operation outside of our borders due to the inhospitable policies we have put in place.

Really, the only candidate I have seen who aligns themselves with this kind of thinking is Rand Paul.

The big problem many people have with him as a candidate is that he is too isolationist for their liking.  Though really if you take a close look at what he wants to do for this country you really have no better choice.

He is not anti-military, he just believes we need to get better at defense rather than running blindly into showing a good offense.  Which ultimately results in spending more money than we should.

To find more information on his view you only need to visit his official website.  It is rather enlightening.

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