Friday, January 29, 2016

Trump is Delusional

Last night was the most recent GOP debate, which was another opportunity for the currently remaining candidates to boost support for their campaigns heading into the Iowa Caucus on Monday.  Unless you have been living under a rock you know that Trump did not show up because he doesn't like to be confronted by women.  In this case Megyn Kelly from Fox News.

What is really telling about last nights debate is that without him the ratings were just as solid as they were when he was on the stage.  Which means it is not him and his ego that draws a crowd, but people wanting to apply their own personal vetting process on the candidates that are wanting to run this country.

Instead of attending the debate he decided to have an event for Veterans.  Which is all fine and good, if he was only doing it to raise awareness, and funds, for Veteran Affairs; but it is clear that this was just another publicity stunt to distract people from the debate.  It didn't work.

What this is really showing is that Trump has lost his sparkle.  Sure, it took longer than many figured it would, but people are starting to get tired of him, and looking to the real candidates for a better choice for President.

Sure the candidates took their pot shots at him during the debate, but really the fact that he didn't show up was relegated to being a foot note on the evening as a whole.  But the things that actually got more attention were the comments made about Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.  From only being qualified to run for President of Sweden, to looking down the barrel of an indictment, instead of a sure-fire nomination from the Democratic Convention.

Things are heating up with this election and after Monday's vote we will start seeing the lesser powerful candidates drop out.  Hopefully, we will eventually see Trump drop out as well, but that may not be until after the nomination.  Which may end up leading to him running as an independent.

We shall see.

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