Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pickin's are Slim, Part 2

As stated in an earlier post, which was put up during the previous Presidential Election, the pickin's are rather slim.  Sure there are quite a few different people from which to choose, however, are they really that electable?

We have Donald Trump, the supposed front runner.  But is he really electable.  His idea for solving the immigration problem is to build a huge wall on the US/Mexico border.  I don't doubt he would be able to find a way of paying for it, though it could wind up being at the taxpayers expense.

While we are on the topic of big things they candidates want to pay for, Bernie Sanders wants to provide free college and other programs, but has stated he would raise taxes to do so.  Which means these programs will not be free.  His method of socialism will continue to drive a wedge between the richer and poorer sections of this country.

The lesser candidates are really not worth mentioning as they are obviously not saying anything that is earning them any kind of significant following.

Yes, this blog has endorsed Ron Paul in the previous election and is certainly backing his son, Rand Paul in this one.  When it comes to his campaign you cannot rely on polls put together by any of the mainstream media sources as they are vehemently biased against him.  You need only look at how Ron Paul's campaign was continually marginalized, or ignored, the last time around.  Rand's is getting the same treatment.  It would be very interesting to find out who is behind this blatant, albeit somewhat subtle, boycott against the Paul family when it comes to these elections.  Media sources on both sides of the political spectrum are guilty of this.

We do have Ted Cruz, but he is just another candidate who has come out saying he would go to war against other countries, yet has not given any clear indication as to any sort of resolution to the current conflicts that have caused such hatred toward the US from other countries.  Even many of our allies view us with trepidation.

Hillary Clinton is a criminal, plain and simple, and should not be running, but be behind bars for her atrocities committed while acting as Secretary of State.  She should seriously be relegated to being a footnote in the history of this country.

Honestly, this country should be taking a more isolationist approach to foreign policy, reduce government intrusion in the lives of civilians, and build up our national defense, so that we are better equipped should anyone attempt to this country harm.

There is truly only one candidate worth considering, and he isn't even really a Republican, much less a Democrat.  But that gets into a bigger issue to be discussed in another post.

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